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  • Unless you are requesting accommodations for a learning disability, the following medical document should be downloaded, completed, and uploaded (see options for submitting documentation below): Documentation of Disability Form
  • If you are requesting accommodations for a learning disability, you will be prompted below to upload your psycho-educational evaluation.

  • SAA will contact you when we receive your online request and documentation that supports your disability.
About SAA

SAA is the designated office on campus that reviews documentation and students request for disability accommodations. Our mission is to remove obstacles to a liberal arts education, by providing support and accommodations to students with both visible & invisible disabilities while they embark on their pursuit of knowledge. We find when students attend classes, go to professor office hours, use their accommodations, and use the resources on campus, they are very successful.

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  • If you have a psycho-educational evaluation for a Learning Disability, you can upload that here.
  • If you have your medical documentation completed, you can also upload that here.
  • Any documentation can be submitted later, but may be required before accommodations are applied.
  • More than one document can be uploaded at a time here. The "Add Item" button will continue to show below your added document so that you can click it again if needed.
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  • It is my responsibility to retain copies of all documentation that I submit to SAA. SAA will not forward documentation.
  • Registration with SAA is not part of my official academic record. It will not be on my transcript.
  •  Academic accommodations must be formally requested each semester, by submitting a semester request and meeting with my instructors to discuss my approved accommodations. 
  • I will schedule a meeting with the SAA Director if I have any concerns.